TNI was born and grew up in Beijing, studying English and Chinese Language and Literature (double major) for undergrad. I had my first encounter with the US during an internship at Universal Orlando. Studying and living abroad has always been a dream in my heart as I had wonderful experience in high school when I visited Australia and France with teachers and classmates for two cultural exchange programs. I liked my experience living in Orlando, so after the summer internship, I decided to come to the States again for grad school.

In 2009, I came to NYU to study Media Culture and Communication. Since NYU Stern is so famous and math is not a problem for “tortured” Chinese students, I took many MBA classes there and got fascinated by its finance expertise. As a result, I decided to pursue a career in combination of media and business.

As most Chinese, I LOVE karaoke. Although I’m modest in most areas, I always joke with my friends that singing is sth I am never modest about. I have good voice and have performed at school before. I would just stand up and sing in front of people. This has sometimes puzzled people who don’t know me well.  They are surprised to see I am totally a different person compared with their impression of me which is reserved and traditional.


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