DataEngConf @ Spotify 11/14/2015

  1. Day 1 Keynote: Chris Wiggins @New York Times & Columbia University on Data Science at NYT

2. Ky Harlin, VP Growth & Data Sci @ Conde Nast

Measuring Impact with Data in a distributed world

3. Shawndra Hill, Senior Research @ Microsoft Research

Talkographics: using what viewers say online to measure TV and brand audiences

4. Rachit Srivastava, principal data scientist @ PlaceIQ

data structure and machine learning

5. Dmitry Storcheus, Engineer @ Google Research

feature extraction: modern question and challenge

  1. Day2 Keynote: Chris Johnson & Edward Newett @ Spotify on Music recommendation engine
  2. Nikolai Avteniev, Sr Software engineer @ LinkedIn: Building Satori, a Hadoop toll for data extraction
  3. Andrew Rothstein, MD @ BlackRock: Apache Spark in financial modeling
  4. Spotify data team: Building Music recommendation system

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