Learning Machine Learning – Intro & Roadmap

Machine Learning + CFA = Ineffable

The Curious Schemer

(Last revision: 2014-09-30. Added Foundation Courses section.)

I’ve been having lots of fun with Machine Learning lately. It all started with taking Andrew Ng’s excellent Coursera Machine Learning course. Andrew is a fantastic instructor, with a knack for conveying complex concepts while not getting you bogged in not-yet-relevant details that’d take away from your getting the big picture.

While taking the course, I’ve been creating a lot of draft posts, mostly about digging deeper into topics on which I’m still shaky. Most of the times, this is because of the math involved. Machine Learning requires a lot of math, and it’s on a level that’s way, way deeper than the math you’ll ever see in the CFA curriculum.

(That said, if you’re a CFA candidate or charterholder, don’t let this discourage you! The math you encounter in the CFA curriculum serves as excellent foundation to the math you’ll see…

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