Perceptive senses is telepathic 

In education teacher used to say that the more different senses we employ, the deeper we can remember things. Hence we read, write and listen. Especially in learning a foreign language, this is an instrumental tip.

Likewise, in life we remember moments through similar way. The time when we are vibrantly chatting and interacting with a friend, the experience leaves a much impression on our mind rather than a dull and monotone working day. When we are dating a person, the more kinds of experience we go through, the more we enter each other’s life. Maybe that’s why couple love romantic getaways as they can be immersed in a mutual and exclusive stimulating space.

Vague and intangible this may sound, you can tell the feelings when you have such experience.

On that sunny sailing day in Hampton bay, when my girlfriend’ boyfriend’s friend picks me up from the boat, he did a very chivalrous thing to me. When I was hesitating at the boat end, hesitating where to land my feet as our boat is still in the sea, he suddenly grabbed my waist, put me on his shoulder and walked me to dry land. My girlfriend later said she was astonished by the scene as I shouted a bit when I suddenly lost my balance when he holds me. However dramatic the scene was, I had to admit that I secretly enjoyed the moment. When he put me on land, he said calmly that “I don’t want your shoes to get wet.” Gosh, the butterfly was flying in my stomach and my perception of him was ineffably enhanced by this old-fashioned gentleman gesture. A one minute experience inevitably left a deep impression on my mind even after one month although I only know him that one day. Am I a too sensitive person? I doubt that. After all, human is made of senses and flesh. We see pretty pictures, enjoy exhilarating talks and experiences loving touches with our friends and family. Life is a kaleidoscope, so enriching and beautiful like an adventure.


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